Studio Facilities & Gear

Studio A


1600 Sq. Ft live room with 30 foot ceilings and semi-dead acoustics
1 ISO Booth, 2 Amp Rooms
6ft Piano by Baldwin

  • Apple Mac Pro running Protools HDX 11/10 on dual LCD Monitors with projection capability for film scoring
  • Solid State Logic AWS900+ Integrated Analog mixing console and DAW controller
  • Other DAWs: Logic X, AbeltonReason, Cubase
  • Conversion: Digidesign HDX192 with SYNC HD
  • Outboard Preamplifiers: Focusrite Red 1, Great River, AEA RMP, Vintech 573, Universal Audio LA610
  • Outboard gear: Manley Vari-Mu Mastering Ed. Grace m502, Neve Portico 543, EL Distressor
  • Monitoring: Genelec 8030A Nearfields w/ 7060B, Yamaha NS10-M, Roland S8, KRK
  • AES/EBU grade cabling and patchbays
  • Headphones by AKG, BeyerDynamic, Ultrasone, Shure, Direct Sound, Sony, and Vic Firth
  • Power Conditioning by Furman, APC and ETA
  • Drum sets by Mapex and TAMA (no cymbals provided)

Studio B

5 Acoustically treated isolation rooms
Upright Piano by Yamaha
Optional additional 600 person capacity performance hall with live acoustics (extra hourly surcharge applies)
  • Apple Mac Pro running Protools HDX 11/10 on dual 22" LCD Monitors
  • Console: Mackie ONYX 24.80
  • Other DAWs: Logic X, Abelton, Reason, Cubase
  • Conversion: Digidesign HDX192 Conversion
  • Preamplifiers: Grace m801, Drawmer 1960, Drawmer MX60, API 3124+
  • Outboard gear: Tascam DA88 DTRS for transfers, Lexicon PCM-70 Reverb, DBX 160x, Digitech RDS 4000
  • Monitoring: Blue Sky and Roland S8
  • Headphone monitoring using Behringer Powerplay 16 Channel system
  • AES/EBU grade cabling and patchbay
  • Electronic production featuring Yamaha MOTIF6 controller
  • Drum set by Mapex and TAMA (no cymbals provided) 





Mic Selection

1x Gefell UM900
5x Neumann U87
4x AKG C414 B/ULS
1x BLUE Blueberry
2x Audio Technica AT4040
2x BeyerDynamic M130
2x BeyerDynamic M160
2x AEA R84
2x Rode NT5 (Matched pair w/ Cardioid & Omni caps)
2x Mojave MA-100
2x Rode NT2-A
2x Shure SM87
2x BLUE 8 Ball
2x BLUE Bluebird (Matched pair)
1x BLUE Ball
1x BLUE Kickball
2x Shure SM81
2x Audix D6
2x Heil PR-30
1x Heil PR-40
2x Crown PCC-160
1x Shure Beta 52
1x EV RE-20
5x Shure SM57
5x Sennheiser MD421
2x Sennheiser MD441
1x Sennheiser e609
3x Sennheiser e604
1x Yamaha Subkick